Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Powell County Tourism

The Red River Gorge is a breathtaking destination that enchants adventure seekers from all around the world. If you’re planning a trip to this magnificent natural wonder, it’s only natural to have questions and want some answers! From questions about the miles of hiking trails to camping permits, Powell County Tourism Commission is here to help you plan your visit.

Can you see Natural Bridge from the road?

No, Natural Bridge is not able to be viewed from the road. You can hike up via the Original Trail or ride the Skylift up. Trust us, it is well worth it!

Are there bears in the Red River Gorge?

Yes, there are black bears present in the area, though sightings are somewhat infrequent. Please use caution if you encounter one, and please follow all black bear safety tips found in this article: Bear Encounter-Never run from a bear/how to behave (bearwise.org). Remember, we are guests in their territory.

Where is the Red River Gorge?

The Red River Gorge is a 29,000 acre canyon system spanning across Powell, Lee, Wolfe, and Menifee counties. That being said, there is not one specific destination for the gorge itself. There are over 60 miles of hiking trails in the Red River Gorge area. Stop on in the Slade Welcome Center when you get in the area and we can provide you with area maps to help you navigate the RRG!

Where can I purchase a backpacking permit?

Backpacking permits can be purchased at the following locations: Go Time (Slade), Park N Save (Slade), Daniel Boone Coffee Shop (Slade), Trails Liquor Store (Slade), Corner Marathon (Pine Ridge), Pine Ridge Mart (Pine Ridge), Airport Market (Stanton), Power Shell Station (Stanton), Stanton Food Court (Stanton). The current cost for passes is: $5 for one night, $8 for three nights, $50 for a year.

Where can I take my trash or recycling?

Public trash dumps are located at:

Powell County Transfer Station
182 Transfer Station Rd
Clay City, KY 40312

Wolfe County Transfer Station
1340 Quillen Chapel Road
Campton, KY 41301

Recycling trailers can be found at most local businesses in Powell County, but a few main ones are located at Miguels Pizza in Slade and the Powell County Courthouse in Stanton.

Are dogs allowed on the trails?

Dogs are NOT allowed in Natural Bridge State Resort Park (with the exception of Whittleton Branch/Arch). Dogs ARE allowed ANYWHERE ELSE in the Red River Gorge area! Please be mindful and keep your dogs leashed and please clean up after your furry friends.

Are there any mountain biking trails?

Daniel Boone National Forest prohibits the use of all motorized vehicles and mountain bikes on trails. The only trail in the Red River Gorge area that allows the usage of mountain bikes (and horses) is Powdermill Branch Trail #238.