Winter Road Closures in Red River Gorge

During the winter season in Red River Gorge, several roads are closed from December through January and possibly beyond to preserve the gravel roadways. If you intend on exploring in Red River Gorge this winter, please take note and adjust accordingly before visiting the area.

The areas / trails covered are: Chimney Top Trail #235, Pebble Beach Trail #237, Powdermill Branch Trail #238, Princess Arch Trail #233, Rock Bridge Trail #207

Roads that are closed or have limited access include:

Sections of Indian Creek Road 9A & 9B (Vehicles can continue to access Powder Mill Trail #238, Pebble Beach Trail #237 and “fishing derby” field.)
Chimney Top Road
Rock Bridge Road

These roads will remain closed through the holiday season and reassessed in January 2023. If conditions allow for safe and sustainable travel, they will re-opened at that time.

You can view all updated notifications about road closures in the Daniel Boone National Forest here: